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JUNE 2020


Elmen is a new village that aims to house 2000 people. The masterplan covers the total area of 27 hectares and is currently one of the largest housing projects being built in Luxembourg. 


Green spaces, landscape, protection of natural resources, transport and public spaces have been the key drivers throughout the development of the project to ensure a neighbourhood designed at a human scale.


The focus was on small-scale neighbourhood development while providing a place to live, 

A total of approximately 400 single-family houses and 400 apartments, a new school, a day care center, playgrounds and shops for daily needs are to be implemented in three stages. The car parks include car sharing opportunities, e-mobility, bike stations and equipment rental. 

The aim is to prioritise local public transport, efficient network of routes for cyclists/pedestrians and to create a safe environment with limited car circulation in the inhabited areas.

I particularly enjoyed this internship as I was able to deepen my understanding of urbanism and the importance of designing the surroundings of buildings to create a playful yet safe environment for the future habitants.

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